Tanks - Rectangular - Open-Top - Flat Bottom (ROF)

Tanks - Rectangular - Open-Top - Flat Bottom (ROF)


STI's rectangular tanks provide the best design for floor space storage or process applications. Tough, seamless one-piece molded construction of high density polyethylene lends rigidity and strength as well as temperature resistance up to 160oF. Tanks can be molded in polypropylene to tolerate temperatures up to 200oF. All tanks can be fiberglass wrapped for temperatures up to 212oF. STI can supply steel support stands or steel support girths for all tanks.

For secondary containment applications, simply select a second tank the next size larger and place the primary tank inside.

Secondary Containment

STI addresses personal and environmental safety concerns by offering our chemical tank customers the very best in secondary containment systems. Below are moldings that have been designed for specific secondary containment.

  • Stepped-Flange
  • Easy mounting of small accessories
  • Better drip containment of parts that are dipped
  • Large selection with over 100 sizes from 2 gallons to 1200 gallons
  • Smooth interiors for easy cleaning
  • Large L-shaped lip allows for either overlap or inlay covers
Overflow Drip Trays [ODT]

When you need a simple drip tray for any piping discharge area, choose from among our standard ODT models.

Cylindrical Basins [SCC]

Heavy duty molded basins allow easy access to primary tank. Tapered versions facilitate shipping.

Rectangular Basins [SCR]

From simple one-piece molded rectangular tanks to heavy duty tapered ribbed designs, STI has the floor space saving design for any application.


Guidelines for Open Top Tank Installations


Stepped-Flange with 1/2" Flat
  • To secure equipment support covers
  • Stock tank comes with standard dust cover only. Cover, bolts and gasket require a custom quote
  • Often used in plating operations
  • When ordered with FRP support casings, each tank can support up to 300 lbs. (i.e., plating rods)