Steam Handling Equipment - Flowmeters

DIVA - Direct In-line Variable Area flowmeter

The DIVA flowmeter operates on the well established spring loaded variable area (SLVA) principle, where the area of an annular orifice is continuously varied by a precision shaped moving cone. This cone is free to move axially against the resistance of a spring....

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Gilflo Flowmeters

Orifice plates are still the most widely used type of flowmeter today. They're pre-calibrated to a fixed range and held as a finished item in stock ready for immediate delivery. They are designed to be installed as part of a system....

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Orifice Plate Flowmeters

The orifice plate is one in a group known as head loss devices or differential pressure flowmeters. In simple terms, the pipeline fluid is passed through a restriction, and the pressure differential is measured across that restriction....

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Spiraflo Flowmeters

The M111 Spiraflo transducer is a pipeline unit for use on dry saturated and superheated steam only, as part of a steam flowmetering system....

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