Spiraflo Flowmeters

Spiraflo Flowmeters

The M111 Spiraflo transducer is a pipeline unit for use on dry saturated and superheated steam only, as part of a steam flowmetering system.

The Spiraflo steam meter operates on the well-established spring loaded variable area principle. A circular plate positioned in the flow is free to move against the action of a heavy duty precision made torsion spring. To determine the plate angle, a rotary transformer of special design is incorporated into the unit. This converts the plate angle into an electrical

output which is proportional to the flow. The device operates within the pressurized body of the transducer, thus eliminating the need for any rotary seals. The result is a robust design, well suited to the rigors of steam service. It offers good turndown, high accuracy and repeatability.

An in-built temperature probe provides information which enables the flow computer to compensate for the pressure variations which are commonplace in steam systems. This density compensation is essential in achieving accurate measurement of steam flow. The addition of a pressure transmitter enables the Spiraflo to be used for superheated steam as well as saturated steam systems.


Spiraflo steam meters enable you to:
  • Measure steam use accurately under all load conditions
  • Obtain vital information on usage & costs
  • Improve efficiency in plant, energy, process control & costs


M111 Transducer R
M111 Transducer L