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Sanitary Tanks

Sanitary Conical Tanks

Developed to address the special needs of the pharmaceutical and related industries, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Sanitary Process Vessels are manufactured from a special resin that allows the unit to withstand autoclaving. These tanks provide corrosion protection and also prevent metallic contamination. A low-cost alternative to metal, our sanitary tanks also offer complete drainage and a wide assortment of compatible accessories. The units are made to each customer's unique process requirements. Sampling devices, spray jets, mixers, three drainage options, and specified fitting placement are just a few examples of the options available.

Typical Applications

Typical applications include buffer mixing, media preparations, and small scale production. Modifications can also be made to accommodate special size needs. The units are also completely compatible with Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics hoses, piping systems, and tubing products, helping to maintain Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics' reputation as a worldwide leader in the pharmaceutical, industrial, and life science industries.

Closed-Dome Bio Tanks-Polypropylene; Polypropylene Closure

Excellent for preparing media components and growing cultures. Closure and gasket material meet the specifications promulgated under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, for use involving contact with food for human consumption. Please refer to the specifications listed in Regulation 21 CFR177.1520(c) 3.1. Flat bottom on 75-liter size is ideal for use with magnetic stir bars. Large, 6-inch gasketed closures make filling and dispensing easy. Molded-in body grips on 75-liter size provide safe, convenient handling. Flat areas on 115- to 380-liter size for easy fitting installation. Molded-in graduations in liter and gallon increments. Individually packaged.


Closed-Dome Bio Tank Accessories

Closed-Dome Bio Tank Closure with Mixer Support Assembly- Polypropylene, PVDF True Union Clamp

An overhead mixer support assembly 2651-0200 for use with all closed-dome bio tanks (Cat. No. 2650) and high-density polyethylene closed-dome tanks (Cat. No. 11150). The unique, sanitary flange assembly allows for overhead mixing in a closed system. Designed specifically for use with Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics BioTech mixing unit (Cat. Nos. 2653, 2654), the assembly consists of a 6-inch PP screw closure with a 2-inch sanitary ferrule welded in the center, a 2-inch silicone gasket, and a true union fitting. Can be connected to other 2-inch sanitary fittings for drain lines and closed system filling. Individually packaged. Autoclavable, but must be kept vertical if assembled with lower assembly (Cat. No. 2654). Autoclavable.

Autoclavable Dolly-Stainless Steel

Designed to move small Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics tanks (up to 30 gallons/115 liters) during daily use or servicing. Do not use for tanks with spigots. Non-corrosive and chemically resistant to acids and bases. Casters won't leave marks on floor. Autoclavable.


Sanitary Conical Process Vessels

Sanitary Conical-Bottom Process Systems

Specially designed for use in the biopharmaceutical market, but suitable for any application where aseptic, sanitary, non-metallic fluid handling is desired. Each tank is manufactured from resins that meet USP Class VI and non-cytotoxic standards and are suitable for use in food and beverage applications. Tanks are available in autoclavable polypropylene (PP) and chemical-resistant polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF). Sanitary ferrules installed to customer specifications. Pre-engineered stands.

Sanitary Conical-Bottom Process Vessels-Polypropylene
  • Our polypropylene resin is autoclavable

  • Excellent with dilute and strong acids and bases

  • Non-cytotoxic standards

  • Autoclavable

  • USP Class VI

  • Silicone gasket and phenolic knobs included

  • Fittings and accessories sold separately

Sanitary Conical-Bottom Process Vessels-Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF)
  • PVDF resin is extremely pure

  • Excellent chemical resistance

  • Non-cytotoxic standards

  • Fittings sold separately

  • Graduated

  • PVDF is not autoclavable