Sani-Tech's Sani-Pro High Purity Piping

Sani-Tech® uses only the highest purity materials to ensure the quality of your ultra-pure water or chemical transfer. All piping and components are manufactured with polypropylene or Kynar® PVDF, both high-purity thermoplastic materials. These materials are preferred in applications where the highest purity water quality is desired. Thermoplastic materials have been shown to be less susceptible to biofilm growth than stainless steel, due to the much higher rate of ion contamination by stainless steel.

Sani-Pro® T Polypropylene Tubing

Natural, unpigmented Sani-Pro® T polypropylene tubing is extremely tough and durable. It is inert, has excellent chemical resistance and will not corrode, scale or pit on contact surfaces. It is non-conductive and is not subject to galvanic action. It is an excellent choice for most moderate service applications. Sani-Pro® T tubing is easy and economical to install and maintain.

Features and Benefits:
  • Operating temperature up to 125°F

  • Extremely tough and durable

  • Excellent chemical resistance

  • Will not corrode, pit or scale

  • Non-conductive

Regulatory Compliance:
  • 21 CFR 177.1520
    (for use with food products)

  • USP Class VI

Typical Applications:
  • Pharmaceutical

  • Food/beverage

  • Dairy

  • Hospital

  • University

  • RO/DI water systems

Sani-Pro® K PVDF Tubing

Sani-Pro® K tubing is manufactured from natural, unpigmented Kynar® polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resin, the material of choice for high-purity chemical, pharmaceutical and semiconductor system applications. PVDF is a durable engineering thermoplastic that combines mechanical strength and durability with outstanding chemical resistance. Sani-Pro® K PVDF tubing, fittings and valves have excellent surface smoothness and very low extractables and TOC levels. They have outstanding resistance to aggressive chemicals, ozone and UV radiation.

Features and Benefits:
  • Operating temperature up to 175°F

  • Superior chemical resistance

  • Resistant to UV radiation

  • Will not corrode or pit

  • Excellent creep resistance

  • Non-conductive

Regulatory Compliance:
  • 21 CFR 177.2510
    (for use with food products)

  • USDA

  • 3-A

  • NSF-61

  • USP Class VI

Typical Applications:
  • Pharmaceutical

  • Biotechnology

  • DI water systems

  • Semiconductor

  • Food/beverage

  • USP water systems

  • WFI water systems

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Sani-Tech® Pressure Ratings

Size Sani-Pro® T - Polypropylene Sani-Pro® K – Kynar® PVDF
Inches mm Sanitary Ferrule (PSI) S.I.B.® Fusion (PSI) Sanitary Ferrule (PSI) S.I.B.® Fusion (PSI)
3/4 14.2 150 150 230 230
1 21.7 125 150 150 230
1-1/2 34.4 125 150 150 230
2 47.1 125 125 150 230
2-1/2 59.8 50 75 125 150
3 72.5 50 75 75 150

Temperature Correction Factors

°F °C Sani-Pro® T Sani-Pro® K
100 38 0.85 0.9
125 52 0.65 0.8
175 80 NR 0.6


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