Fluoropolymer (PTFE) Rubber Coated CTLCT Series Hose Assemblies

CTLCT Hose Assemblies are made:
  • Colors:  Green cover / white stripe
    Inner Tube: Chemfluor® black
        electrostatic dissipating
        conductive PFA fluoropolymer
    Cover: EPDM rubber
        --Multiple polyester plycord and EPDM 
        --Double helix, high tensile strength
        carbon steel wire
    Temperature Rating:
      -40°F to +350°F
      -40°C to +177°C  


  • Electrostatic dissipating conductive inner tube
  • Improved ID surface finish
  • Excellent bend radius
  • Increased maximum lengths up to 100ft.
  • CTLCT is manufactured to have a maximum resistance of 106 Ω when inducing a charge of 500 volts D.C.
  • Autoclavable
  • Imparts no taste or odor
Typical Applications:
  • Load cells
  • Skid transfer
  • Pumping stations/ portable pumps
  • Vessel or tank transfer
  • Rail car loading/ unloading
  • Transfer lines
  • Chemical process lines
  • Complies with industry standards using ISO 8031 testing methods or MIL-H-27267
  • USP case VI
  • Permaseal® Crimp style fittings
  • Standard 316L stainless steel (wetted surfaces)
  • Flare-Thru fitting technology available
  • 150# swivel style flanges
  • Female cam and groove (locking and non-locking swivel style)
  • Wide range of materials available


CTLCT Series Hose Assembly Specifications
Part Number
Hose Size I.D. in.
Hose Size I.D. MM
Hose Size O.D., in.
Hose Size O.D., MM
Max. Working Pressure (PSI)
Min. Burst Pressure (PSI)
Wt. Per Ft. (LB)
3/4 19.1 1 1/4 31.8 500 2100 .28
1 25.4 1 1/2 38.1 450 1800 .75
1 1/2
38.1 2 52.1 300 1350 1.20
50.8 2 5/8 67.3 250 1200 1.50


Burst Pressure ratings at ambient 70ºF (21ºC). See applicable notes below on vacuum/pressure ratings at temperatures other than ambient.
Working Pressure is given @ 70ºF; Decrease working pressure 1% for every 2ºF above 212ºF.
Vacuum Rating is given @ 70ºF; Decrease vacuum rating 1% for every 2ºF above 212ºF. For 1-1/2" and 2" sizes, vacuum rating decreases when installed less than 2X min. bend radius.
Flare-Thru fittings are pressure rated only. Not rated for vacuum service.
Extended Service Life Tip: Flexible Components suggests using full-length anti-kink armor casing or at least 16" to 24" long anti-kink cuffs (see Hose Cover Options) at each fitting end to help reduce the strain on the crimp collar and fittings in high load installations. Prolonged service at elevated temperatures will reduce total service life.