Fabrication Equipment

Plastic Piping Systems Fabrication Equipment

Sani-Tech® in-field fabrication equipment is designed for high-purity piping installations for reverse osmosis (RO)/ deionized (DI) water systems, USP and WFI water systems, research labs and hospitals, chemicals and custom processing. S.I.B.® (Smooth Inner Bore) fusion equipment and the flange former tools are designed for ease of use and convenience during system construction.


Sani-Tech® S.I.B.® 2 Fusion Equipment

The Sani-Tech® S.I.B.® 2 fusion welding tool is a better way to install high-purity plastic piping systems. S.I.B.® technology creates a smooth interior surface at the tubing weld, eliminating all beads, crevices, and intrusions into the fluid stream. The smooth surface reduces the areas for contaminants and bacteria to collect. The updated S.I.B.® 2 tool delivers faster weld times and increased weld identification and traceability, and also offers improved durability and ease of use.

Sani-Tech® high-purity piping systems installed with Smooth Inner Bore technology are ideal for pharmaceutical and biotechnology facilities. The entrapment- free interior surface combined with our high-purity piping and components creates the ultimate high-purity system.

Sani-Tech® Flange Forming Systems

The flange former is a bench-top machine designed to quickly and easily create a sanitary ferrule on polypropylene and PVDF piping in sizes from 3/4" to 2". These ferrules are connected using a sanitary gasket and Sani-Tech® true union clamps. The sanitary ferrules and pipe I.D. will match dimensionally to stainless steel sanitary ferrules for ease of connection to all equipment. (Connection to a 1" stainless steel sanitary ferrule requires the use of a molded adapter.)