Inverted Bucket Steam Traps

Inverted Bucket Steam Traps

The inverted bucket steam traps employ a simple and well proven principle which relies on the difference in density between steam (a vapor) and condensate (a liquid). They have a robust design and incorporate a simple density sensitive bucket and lever mechanism.

The design means that the traps are rugged and a wide range of internals can be installed for precise matching of operating pressures and loads. As the inverted bucket trap is sensitive to density it ensures that condensate is discharged at steam saturation temperature and there is no backing up of condensate within the system.

A wide range of body materials, including maintenance free models (which have stainless steel bodies and internals), make the inverted bucket design suitable for many applications.

Correct installation will give trouble free operation and ensure that the trap performs efficiently for many years.


  • Inverted bucket traps are the most robust type of the mechanical traps.
  • Able to resist waterhammer.
  • With check valve fitted in the inlet, they can be used with superheated steam.
  • Available with a wide selection of valve orifices for precise pressure and load matching.


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HM34 R Sc
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