Hamilton VisiFerm Optical DO Arc

The VisiFerm is the first optical sensor ever for the measurement of dissolved oxygen that has significant advantages compared to classical Clark cells because there's no electrolyte needed and the luminophore is embedded in a robust sensor cap. Typical applications are biotechnology, water treatment and monitoring as well as in breweries, wineries and soft drink processing. Available with the innovative Arc technology.

Features and Benefits
  • suitable for steam sterilization, autoclavation and CIP
  • flow independant; self diagnostics
  • electrolyte-free so no leakages occur
  • no polarization time required
  • easily replacable sensor cap containing the sensing element
  • replacement sensor caps available
  • digital and analog (4-20 mA) signal output
  • ECS-mode available (Clark cell simulation)
  • connector heads: VP 6 and Arc (VP 8)
VisiFerm DO Arc 120 VisiFerm DO Arc 225 VisiFerm DO Arc 325 VisiFerm DO Arc 425