Hamilton OxyGold DO

The OxyGold family of electrochemical (amperometric) oxygen sensors is designed for applications with trace levels of oxygen, i.e. boiler feed water and beverages. The B-version has an acidic electrolyte and shows therefore no cross-sensitivity to carbon dioxide. Available with the innovative Arc technology.

Features and Benefits
  • suitable for use at high temperatures and high pressures during sterilization and CIP
  • alkaline electrolyte in G-version
  • acidic electrolyte in B-version shows no cross-sensitivity to carbon dioxide
  • membrane kit available
  • polarization module available
  • connector heads: VP 6 and Arc (VP 8)
  • ATEX-certificate for VP 6
Oxygold B 120 Oxygold B 225 Oxygold G 120 Oxygold G 225