Hamilton OxyFerm DO

The OxyFerm family of electrochemical (amperometric) oxygen sensors are designed for the use in biotechnology applications,where autoclavations, steam sterilisations (SIP) and cleaning in place procedures occur frequently. Different membrane materials and membrane body shapes with a protective edge or rounded are available. The rounded with the FDA-approved silicone membrane is called OxyFerm FDA. Available with the innovative Arc technology.

Features and Benefits
  • suitable for sterilization, autoclavation and CIP
  • 12 mm or 25 mm shaft (XL) diameter available
  • various O-ring positions for the XL-version available
  • different membrane kits available
  • polarization module available
  • various connector heads: T82/D4, VP 6 and Arc (VP 8)
  • ATEX-certificate for T82/D4 and VP 6
OxyFerm 120
OxyFerm 225
OxyFerm XL 150
OxyFerm XL 300
OxyFerm XL
OxyFerm VP 120
OxyFerm VP 225
OxyFerm VP 325
OxyFerm FDA 120
OxyFerm FDA 225
OxyFerm FDA 325
OxyFerm FDA 425
OxyFerm FDA 160




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