Hamilton ARC View Handheld & Adapter

Hamilton ARC View Handheld & Adapter

ARC View Handheld

This device empowers the operator to monitor measurement values, calibrate ARC sensors and configure various parameters. The standard version of ARC View Handheld can communicate with up to 31 ARC sensors over wireless channel parallel to the process control system’s main interface. With ARC View Dock the ARC View Handheld is connected over cable to a single ARC sensor and can be used as a laboratory desktop calibration, configuration and monitoring tool.

Features and Benefits
  • On-line wireless sensor monitoring (up to 31 Hamilton ARC sensors)
  • Display sensor data
  • Sensor calibration
  • Sensor configuration
  • Visualization of the sensor status
  • Data management
ARC View Handheld Package
USB-ModBus RS 485 Converter
Arc View Handheld Operator's Guide - Reference Version




ARC Wi Sensor Adapter

This wireless adapter is mounted between the VP head of an ARC sensor and the VP sensor cable. The ARC Wi provides the wireless communication between the ARC sensor and ARC View Handheld unit.

Features and Benefits
  • ARC Wi is plug & play for each and every ARC sensor type
  • Configuration-free installation
  • Analog sensor signals are bypassed through the ARC Wi Sensor Adapter
  • Routing functions for the digital signals between wireless and wired connections (PLC)
  • Visual indication of an active wireless connection and sensor failure
ARC Wi Sensor Adapter