Gilflo Flowmeters

Gilflo Flowmeters

The Gilflo flowmeters are pre-calibrated to a fixed range and held as a finished item in stock ready for immediate delivery. They are designed to be installed as part of a system incorporating:

  • M240G series steam flow computer, or a
  • M250G series gas flow computer, or a
  • M750 flow indicator for liquids (and steam or gas if density compensation is not required)

Combined with any of the above or linked to an EMS or DCS, the Gilflo flowmeter is accurate to better than ± 1% of reading between 100% and 5% of flow and better than ± 0.1% FSD between 5% and 1% of flow.


Orifice plates are still the most widely used type of flowmeter today, offering:
  • significant cost benefits over other types of flowmeter

  • especially in larger line sizes

  • proven to be rugged, effective and reliable over many years

  • low installation cost

  • turndown of not more than 4:1

  • a very competitive solution


B Unit R DN15 -Small
B Unit R DN15 -Large
B Unit L DN15 -Small
B Unit L DN15 -Large
ILVA R -Full Image
ILVA L -Full Image
Spool Unit R
Spool Unit L