Flow Measurement

Plastic Piping Systems Flow Measurement

Sani-Tech® offers components for flow measurement in high-purity piping applications. Components are all available with polypropylene or PVDF sanitary connections.

Gauge Guards

Designed for use where ultra high-purity is required in sanitary applications. Two versions available. The in-line version eliminates piping “dead legs” that can encourage bacterial growth and contamination. A flexible elastomer spool ensures reading accuracy for pressure applications. The vertical version is an economical alternative that uses a flexible Fluoropolymer (PTFE) diaphragm as a protective barrier between the process fluid and the gauge guard. Gauge guards are liquid-filled and range from 0 to 100 psig. Alternative ranges are available.

Flow Meters

Constructed of polysulfone, which is well suited for high-purity or chemical applications. Flow meters are durable, and resistant to corrosion, heat and abrasion. They feature an easy-to-read scale in a variety of ranges for liquid and air (STP) in 3/4" to 2" sizes. They are used in reverse osmosis, semiconductor, film and X-ray processing and deionized water applications. They withstand pressures to 150 psig and flow rates to 130 GPM.