Fixed Temperature Discharge Steam Traps

The fixed temperature discharge steam trap employs a liquid expansion device to discharge condensate at a predefined temperature. It can easily be adjusted on site to any temperature within the operating range.

The No.8 fixed temperature liquid expansion thermostatic steam trap has an oil filled element set to operate at a fixed temperature. It is one of the simplest thermostatic traps currently available.

Under cold conditions, such as start-up, the oil filled element is fully off its seat allowing unrestricted removal of cold condensate, air and other incondensables. As hot condensate enters through the trap, the oil filled element heats up and expands, closing the valve against the seat. The adjustment of the element allows the temperature of the trap discharge i.e. the temperature at which the valve opens again, to be altered between 60°C and 100°C (140°F and 212°F) simply by turning the adjustment nut.


Number 8 R
Number 8 L
Freezeton CH6 R
Freezeton CH6 L
Thermoton FH10 R
Thermoton FH10 L







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