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  • The reliable performance of a cleanroom can be crucial to ensuring products are assembled in an environment conducive to minimizing particulate generation. STI has the requisite knowledge and experience in clean-room technology to maximize the use of clean-room technology for our customer’s exacting requirements.
  • Production under controlled, hygienic conditions is decisive for product quality.. Our combination of clean-room design, environmental condition monitoring, training, and personnel/product flow enable us to achieve the highest quality standards for your product assemblies.
  • To maintain the safety and effectiveness of our Clean Room STI has had its Cleanroom certified to the appropriate external (ISO 14644) and internal standards using the latest equipment and highly trained technicians.
  • STI has documented certification that its clean-room environment meets all the operational performance specifications and the design intentions of an ISO Class VII Clean-room space.
  • The process of cleaning, confirming suitability for use, transfer of materials into and out of the clean-room, assembling production articles in such a way as to minimize particulate generation is a specialist job that STI’s Clean Room technicians are well-qualified to undertake.
  • Pre-Use Clean-Room Environment is verified to be within the clean-room’s certification rating before assembly activities commence.
  • Clean-Room environment is monitored continuously during assembly operations.
  • All monitoring results are recorded and reviewed by Quality as part of our product release process.
  • Clean-Room environmental upsets and trends are fully investigated and resolved prior to product release
  • STI has a fully developed maintenance program designed to ensure that our Clean-room environment is maintained through its certification including annual re-certification.
  • For medical and technical applications, STI offers a clean room solution tailored to specific customer requirements and catering to every wish. Our Clean-Room product assembly range covers platinum-cured silicone, reinforced silicone, thermoplastic elastomers, tygon, and many others.
  • STI blends its superior product and product development expertise with clean-room technology to create a world-class ultra-clean production assembly area designed to meet our customer’s stringent requirements.
  • STI realizes that clean room use can only be as good as the expertise that lies behind them. STI has the technical resources comprised of interdepartmental team of clean room Specialists and support staff to ensure that even unusual customer solutions can be implemented: products are always specified in accordance with requirements and customer support pays equal attention to product support documentation and packaging.
  • STI Clean-room technicians receive extensive training to ensure that all aspects of their clean-room activities are designed to minimize particulate generation while simultaneously adhering to STI’s rigorous quality manufacturing standards that have made STI an industry leader.
  • In addition, STI Components provides its customers with a perfectly equipped clean room environment where extensive individual customer trials and prototype assemblies can be carried out. It couldn’t be better!
  • STI’s clean room technology is subject to continuous further development and improvement.


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