Fluoropolymer (PTFE) Flare-Thru Fittings - Introduction

Chemfluor® PTFE Flare-Thru

Conveyed media only comes into contact with ultra pure PTFE tubing inner-core from end to end! The tubing is extended through the fittings and is flared over the sealing surfaces and provides the user with the ultimate in chemical resistance and assured purity.

  • No material entrapment potential! Hose barb to hose ID joint interface is eliminated, no area for bacteria or product build up is present!  
  • Higher flow rates with less pressure drop.  Flexible Components "Flare-Thru" fitting design provides equal inside diameter to hose ID. Lower pump pressures may be used to obtain same flow rates of conventional barb fitting assemblies.  
  • Internal cleanability is assured; contamination, build up of material or bacterial growth is significantly reduced or eliminated completely!