Behringer Fig 121RHT Hanger/Thread Mount Unit

Housings with Black inserts are "Anchor" supports. Housings with Gray inserts are "Guide" supports.
Figure. 121 RHT 304 Stainless Steel Threaded "Anchor or Guide" Hanger One piece unit with threaded adaptor. Rod sold separately.

The threaded mounting section, on top of clamp shell, doubles as a threaded rod connecter and a welding platform. This type rod connection does not offer the dynamic slope adjustment feature. RHT Rigid Threaded, with a rod, can also be used in combination with the Hang Mount Stanchion or Floor Mount Stanchion. This combination will allow the support to be adjusted telescopically to the tube or pipe elevation. Call customer service for the price and availability of special rod lengths.

Size Range: 0.24" diameters through 6.125" diameter covering imperial tube and pipe size and metric ISO and DIN sizes
Hardware: 304 stainless steel (Standard), 316 stainless steel and carbon steel as an option
Finish:  Stainless Steel at a 25 RA
Plastic: Polysulfone (Black; Anchor and Gray; Guide)
Shearing:  Anchors - Refer to shear force diagram
Guides - Allow for thermal expansion of tube or pipe